The investigator and grant-holder for the MSCA-funded part of the RGZCS project is Dr. Paul Graham Raven, a British citizen currently resident in Sweden and working at Lund University, where he researches the narrative rhetorics of sociotechnical and climate imaginaries, with side interests in science fiction, social theory and more. His doctoral thesis proposed a novel model of sociotechnical change based on social practice theory, and a narrative prototyping methodology for infrastructure foresight.  He’s also an author and critic of science fiction, an occasional journalist and essayist, a collaborator with designers and artists, and a lapsed consulting critical futurist. He currently lives in Malmö with a cat, some guitars, and sufficient books to constitute an insurance-invalidating fire hazard. You can find out more about him on his canonical website, which includes a full academic CV and lists of non-academic publications. He also maintains a blog, and runs the RGZCS Twitter account, @SkaneZero.

The PI for the FORMAS-funded part of the RGZCS project is Dr. Johannes Stripple, Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science at Lund University.

Other personnel—postdocs, research assistants and others—will be added here as they are brought on to the project.